Delayed Opening Info

John P. McKenna PTA

In the event of hazardous weather conditions, delayed school opening information is available on the district website,, and also through a phone call to you via the Parent Notification System. Information is also available on the following radio and television stations. Click on the appropriate link to go to a radio/TV station website.

97.5 FM Walk
102.3 FM WBAB
103.1 FM B103
106.1 FM WBLI

News 12 - Cable TV
Verizon FIOS Channel 1

Delayed Opening Schedule

SchoolOne Hour DelayTwo Hour Delay
Birch Lane Elementary School10:15am11:15am
East Lake Elementary School9:30am10:30am
Fairfield Elementary School10:15am11:15am
Raymond J. Lockhart Elementary School9:40am10:40am
John P. McKenna Elementary School9:25am10:25am
Unqua Elementary School10:15am11:15am
Alfred G. Berner Middle School9:02am10:02am
Massapequa High School - Ames Campus8:25am9:25am
Massapequa High School8:30am9:30am
Occupational Educational (AM Classes)CancelledCancelled
Occupational Educational (PM Classes)Regular TimeRegular Time
Out of District, Sp. Ed, Parochial SchoolDelayed 1 hour

Delayed 2 hours

A delayed opening means that bus schedules will also be delayed accordingly.  For example, if the bus pick-up is normally 7:54 a.m., a one-hour delay will change that time to 8:54 a.m., and a two-hour delay will change that time to 9:54 a.m.  All out-of-district school openings will be delayed by one or two hours as well, including private, parochial, and occupational education programs.

A delayed opening is subject to change if the weather or road conditions remain hazardous. The Superintendent may opt to modify the above guidelines or to close schools if the potential for hazardous conditions continues, and will send out subsequent communications to notify the school community.


If there is a delayed opening, the following programs will be cancelled:

       All Field Trips
       YMCA (before school)
       All Before-School Programs